Add Luciano on Facebook!

(After sending him the most recent message I received in the “contact” tab)

Luciano: me da gusto que gente tan buena me conosca y le doy las gracias por su apollo de corazon le digo que yo estoy eternamente agradecido
-It makes me feel really good that that so many people know me and from the heart, I’m so grateful for their support and I am eternally grateful.

Me: Sabes que mas que 344 personas sienten lo mismo? hasta ahora hemos juntado $25,265 americanos de mas que 344 personas diferentes.
-Did you know that more than 344 people feel exactly the same way? At this point we have gathered $25,265 from more than 344 different people.

Luciano: ooo genial me alegro muchisimo dele este mensaje de mi parte a todos los donadores
digales *hola muchas grcias por todo su apoyo a pesar de mis dolencias y problemas economicos ustedes me han ayudado demasiado para mi planes futuros me gustaria conocerlos para darles las gracias personalmente muchas gracias a todos un medio abrazo con el doble de fuerza.

-Wow, that’s amazing. The message about all of the donors makes me really happy. Tell them…

Thank you so much for all your support. Despite my pains and economic problems you have helped me in an overwhelming way for my future plans and I would love to know each of you so that I can thank you personally.

Thanks so much to everyone. A half hug with with twice the strength!


(In Chile, “a hug” is a phrase commonly used at the end of letters to show affection)

Luciano has had an infection since the surgery and been stuck with EXTREMELY limited mobility, he has access to facebook though. Add him as a friend. Give him a message of moral support, I know he would really appreciate that right now.

He should be the first result when you search for Luciano Alejandro Araneda Concha.